Monday, February 18, 2013

18 Feb 2013
Well, Brita has the when she brings them What is she trying to tell me....
She wants to be groomed with a haircut? (She will be getting her first from Tara)
It's time to sew Marie?
Don't leave these for me to play with?
You need a haircut Marie?
Coupon time?
Open a new bag of treats, please?
You have a price tag still on your blouse Marie?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

17 Jan 2013
72" x 86"
Since last week, added 1" of red border then a 7 inch pine cone border to finish the quilt. Well not finished yet.
I have to figure out where to sandwich the quilt. The only big area is the dining room table.  Mitering the corners again to the first border was not fun. Stitched and unstitched. Spell check tells me that unstitched is not a word. Well I did it three times. Is there a better word? Those 1/4 inch markings where all the seams meet are so important and must be accurate. While ironing, a hole popped up in one small corner. Does this happen to anyone else?
It's a simple quilt, a learner's quilt.
Book to read in between..."The Last Runaway" by Tracy Chevalier.  A romantic novel of the 1850's Ohio it is, but the details about sewing, dowries, cotton fabric and cotton for batting, good needle workers and accomplished ones is just so enlightening. Coincidentally, the president of our quilting guild
had a trunk show of her antique quilts (so fascinating) for us at our monthly meeting and I could just picture them as dowry quilts. And imagine the "quilt frolics" to finish them. Does anybody do those anymore, especially with free motion quilting.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

February 7, 2013
Myself, my daughter in law Stacey and my friend Diane signed up for a beginner's hand quilting
class with Lucille at Brick H.S.
We finished four different blocks: HoneyBee, Deck of Cards, Monkey Wrench and a Star.
Lucille was a great teacher and it was a great class. That was in 2008? Well the class ended and Lucille went on to other endeavors. The Blocks went away too.
Foot surgery forced me to find some busy work and so a total of 12 blocks were finished.
Now Jan 2013 found me fabric shopping for matching borders. And so this is how it is coming along:
Ready for sandwiching!